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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Yes, of course, I could steal that from Elena or ask her, but I don't think that it would be a good idea to implement AutoUpdateWB into icon.library. This commodity is 4 kB big (ok, I could shrink it a bit) and it's also a patch for the system and needs another option for the user to enable it. It should be integrated into workbench.library or better dos.library, because it patches the latter.
… because I've found a small issue when used with Deficons 45.4 (14.09.01): sometimes the patched UpdateWorkbench() seems to indirectly lock def_icons and a command like:
C:Delete RAM:~(|(T|ENV|Clipboards)(|.info)) QUIET ALL FORCE
may fail because of the patch.
Without AutoUpdateWB running and refreshing manually RAM: the command above will ALWAYS remove everything, with AutoUpdateWB running sometimes you see the subdirs are not deleted, because of Deficons + AutoUpdateWB conflict caused by forced update too early probably… mmmh

Do you know if Elena Novaretti is still active?

EDIT: to be exact Deficons seems to have nothing to do with this glitch and even if disabled, just AutoUpdateWB is required to sometimes see subdirs not deleted (only the icons do).

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