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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I removed the connector from the motheboard, soldered it onto the end of a cable, and fitted a totally different connector to the motherboard that could withstand regular connecting and disconnecting.
Usually I am all in for replacing connectors, but in this case, you have to work with a fucking shitty membrane. How do you even solder to it? Its a terrible thing to manipulate.

Even with my temporary fix of cutting a bit of the end and scraping contacts, it shows how feeble this thing is. You can scratch "too much' really easily.

With that said i am gonna try scraping with really fine grit sandpaper to see what happens, but there's an end to how much one can cut this damn cable. A new membrane that connects to a pCB with a normal cable would be a godsend. We all open up A600s all the time moreso now with all the addons available for it. The keyboard situation is stupid and before anyone keeps plonking R&D time and money into the A600, this issue should be solved first I feel. It really turns the computer useless.
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