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Originally Posted by grond View Post
The VSX supports both scalar and vector instructions for both floating-point and integer, all happily mixed into a single register file.
IBM did introduce integer SIMD data into the FPU register file but integer is faster than floating point processing so nothing is slowed.

Originally Posted by Workload acceleration with the IBM POWER vector-scalar architecture (Figure 1)
The 64-entry vector-scalar register file. The new VS register file with 64 vector-scalar registers (VSR) is created by extending the 32 floating-point registers (FPR) to 128 bit and combining them with 32 AltiVec registers (VR).
Introducing slow floating point into the fast integer units can slow the integer unit processing of the most important and time sensitive part of the CPU. More ports may be required for the register file potentially slowing it. Enlarging the integer unit register file for more SIMD registers is also potentially slower. These are poor choices for energy efficiency if ever moving to an ASIC as well.

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