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I must say that this device does not look as bad as I expected it to be. Yes, it is not the thing for me and the latency is a major deal-breaker, but for the average consumer who just wants to replay a few of the old games, it seems to do the job as it is quite easy to get running, as long as your TV is compatible and you just want to play the games it is supplied with. I'm positively surprised that no hacks are needed to get a BASIC prompt and mount/run a d64 image. The save state feature also seems very nice and will certainly help you with those tricky old games. :-)

It is a pity that they couldn't use the C64DTV chip as they were initially planning since that would have sorted out the latency issue. But HDMI would be mandatory so they would have had to redesign that chip to make it up to scratch.

I'm just waiting for my Ultimate64 now and I also managed to talk a colleague of mine out of buying the C64 Mini and order an Ultimate64 board instead. :-) I have a spare case and keyboard that I will give him, so he can have a full size 64 with a working keyboard instead of a fake one..
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