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There was a store called Incredible Universe in the U.S. near where I live that opened and when it first opened it had an Amiga 1200 showing VR. I was sooooo excited I watched the guys, this was many years ago or so..they had it also connected to another screen so people could see.

Everyone was asking what kind of computer it is..and they were answering. I don't remember the price for different allotted times. I didn't use it because I didn't personally like the VR of the time on my head. The Store was renamed to Fry's Electronics. Anyway... VR has reallllllllllly changed. Except for wearing it on your head. HA! I'm interested in the topic. Not that I'd own any hardware for it, I'm into other stuff, but the idea of emulation rocks!! Just as what I saw with Half-Life Alyx.

Holy Grail...anytime someone comments about that I think of Monty Python!
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