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WHDLoad, Alien Breed 3D TKG "Not enough chip memory!"


My setup is - A1200, ACA 1231/42 turbo card and Classic WB.

I'm on the latest WHDLoad version and I installed AB3DTKG 4MB version to HD from floppies using the Psygore's installer:

The game starts, but after the first credits page, it quits to Workbench with this message:

"Not enough chip memory!"

What could be the case? I have almost 2 megs of chip shown in WB + over 60 megs of fast.

The game readme says:

"It requires:
- WHDLoad 17+
- 368 KB ChipMem & 1.5 MB other memory (2MB version)
- 884 KB ChipMem & 2.4 MB other memory (4MB version)
- AGA chipset and at least a MC68020 processor"

I removed the PCMCIA card, same result.

Any help appreciated, thanks.
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