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Thread Necromancy is the best!

So here are the basic concepts.

Workbench allows you select any resolution and expects you to connect a compatible display.

PAL is 576i. This is the signal standard.

Horizontally, you can have any number of pixels: 10 million, 1280, or 20. Since the signal is analog, the display and cable standard will do its best to resolve the pixel train output by the graphics chip.

A horizontal solution of 768px (in Hires mode) is selectable in Workbench and by the native video chips.

The interlaced and Hires vertical and horizontal resolutions are multiples of the Lores, non-interlaced resolution, the base resolution.

The base resolution is 384x288.

Not all displays can show this resolution because - overscan.

The display type that displays the most possible of an overscan resolution is a CRT monitor.

On a CRT monitor, adjusted to show as much as possible of the PAL image, 370x285 is possible of this theoretical 384x288. (See my previous post.)
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