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Filenames with whitespaces displayed wrong?

Hi gentlemen,

I implemented a launcher script to integrate fs-uae into RetroPie. Things are working good so far but I noticed something strange:
When using disks which have whitespaces in their filenames then the filenames are displayed incorrectly in my opinion.

For example when I start it like this:
fs-uae '--floppy_drive_0=/tmp/retropie-archive/Apidya (Kaiko)_Disk1.adf' '--floppy_image_0=/tmp/retropie-archive/Apidya (Kaiko)_Disk1.adf' '--floppy_image_1=/tmp/retropie-archive/Apidya (Kaiko)_Disk2.adf' --kickstart_file=/home/vbs/RetroPie/BIOS/kick13.rom --floppies_dir=/tmp/retropie-archive --save_states_dir=/home/vbs/RetroPie/roms/amiga

Then the game starts normally but in the fs-uae menu when I go to the disk selection it looks like this (only "_Disk1" is displayed):

Is there a way to get the correct filenames displayed in fs-uae? When using filenames without whitespaces then it works fine.

Thanks in advance!
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