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Originally Posted by dalek View Post
Before doing anything I'd double triple check your soldering under a microscope for bridges and shorts. 90% of the time that's the issue. Just because the CPLDs programmed okay that means nothing - it's only a couple of pins for programming to succeed.

The FPUs can be fake but likely your 030 will be fine at 40MHz.

And read through all info over on the exxos forums....
I have one of those USB microscopes, about 2mp, so I was checking everything as I was going, no solder bridges I can tell.

I would have thought though for the Processor it shouldnt be an issue though as its through hole and goes direct connection too the 68000 socket pins, just the CLPDs are super fine, but as best as I could with the USB microscope I checked everything twice and it looked ok. I would have thought CPLD issues would mean the IDE and extra memory wont register but the rest should function.

I have another CPU on the way thats been tested and working, so if it still doesnt work, back to the drawing board. I might have to order some more special flux and get my reflow air gun thing out (which incidently I bought for doing this job, but used a soldering iron carefully)

I also think I need to find better solder than the lead free stuff I have, I have some older lead mix solder and that stuff is magic!

But as far as I can tell, everything looks pretty good, so I was surprised when my raspberry pi could even communicate with the CPLDs, because if there was a bad bridge somewhere, it probably wouldnt have worked at all.
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