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Originally Posted by Mark sealey View Post
I had a black screen on my TF534....found out the cpu re-locator was not sitting right in the cpu socket....moved it towards the back of the cpu socket ^^ way

I would like a full 030 with mmu too
Yeah initially I was thinking it might have been something like that, mainly my Amiga lives at my parents, for the first time since it came in to their home in 1990 I brought it home to mine to look at (as I have extra tools and space here).

When I built mine, I also got a relocator board, which initially I installed in to the socket with the accelerator attached. It was all pretty tight to the components below and close to the Kickstart rom, then I remembered how with all the components I had for this upgrade I had purchased 2x 64pin sockets, one for the relocator and one as a spacer for the relocator.

So I tried that tonight and it fits much better, everything is seated correctly.

I removed the FPU (A MC68882FN40 - apparently a 40mhz matching one for my crystal and CPU) as gentley as possible, but managed to slightly crack the socket (sure glue will fix it), but alas it made no difference, still a black screen.

So everything is located properly, just not working, which is why I wondered about compatibility.

Supaduper was saying in a message how not all the these 030 40mhz actually do 40mhz, so I guess might be fine clocked at 33mhz.

I did find after leaving the computer on doing nothing for 15 minutes the processor was just very slightly warm, like it was operating, but obviously the Amiga was having none of it.

I'm going to see about getting another 40mhz chip, as changing the crystal is more of a pain than changing the CPU chip! Hence the reason for asking about compatibility.

As for MMU, I think when I was reading up, its just a memory management unit, which I dont think the Amiga can actually make use of which is why I got the 68EC030, as a 68030 with the MMU is about 4x the price!
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