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Terrible Fire TF530 CPU compatibility list?

So I have just built a TF530, I bought the parts about 12 months ago and it took a year to get on top of life to get round to building it.

One of the hard parts to source was an actual CPU, along with the CPU socket, as its a pricey part!

I have a MC68EC030RP40 , so 40mhz one, its the all black ones, not the CPU's with gold bits on. I also have an FPU a matched (40mhz one), the FPU's seem pretty cheap by comparison to the CPUs. I chose a 40mhz Crystal to go with it, as I was under the impression thats what I needed.

I wasnt sure if I would be able to solder it up ok, but I cant have done a terrible job, my Raspberry Pi could see and program both CPLDs .

So I plug it in to my Amiga yesterday, nothing, black screen the 68000 original chip works fine, so that means my creation is the problem .

I know on various things apparently there have been alsorts of chips used, I have seen boards for sale that seem to be the same processor but with a 25/33mhz crystal, would that be a reason for it not to boot?

Could the FPU cause an issue? Going to prise that out today and see if it makes any difference.

I'm open to easy suggestions as I started looking for another CPU, but same problem as last year, practically nothing all that cheap available on ebay.
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