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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
OK, thanks! Hopefully everything will fit. I also got a nice nylon standoff to keep Indivision and bridgeboard apart. However, I run into another issue. I already reported it to the shop where I bought the mediator and to Elbox. But maybe anyone here can shed some light.

It's a black Mediator 4000Di MKiii 3V

It runs fine after a cold boot (power on).
- Voodoo 3 2000
- ZorRam 128 MB in Zorro slot
- Cyberstorm PPC
Mainboard is recapped and PSU is also refurbished.
All memory is detected fine.
MMCD + update 2.5 and PCI.library 11.0.
I have some nice P96 screen modes setup and the PPC Warp3D "gears" demo runs fine over the Voodoo.
On poweron it shows up fine in the early startup menu, 2 devices for the Mediator, 1 for the ZorRam and 1 for the Cyberstorm PPC

But.... When I reboot (Ctrl - A - A) the Mediator is not recognised anymore.
- Without any cards it reboots fine, but no Mediator is recognised and PCIInfo returns: "Can't open PCI.library"
- With the Voodoo PCI and ZorRam in Zorro slot a reboot results in the same situation as without any cards (Mediator not recognised, "Can't open PCI.library"), if I remember correctly
- With the ZorRam in the Zorro slot and without PCI cards a reboot gives a bootloop with yellow screen (bus issue)
Directly after reboot early startup menu shows only 1 entry: Only the Cyberstorm PPC is shown, the 2 entries for the Mediator are not there and the ZorRam is not there (even when it is in the zorroslot)

I tried all jumper combinations on the Mediator bridgeboard, no difference.
I tried some different slots, not all, but the issue also happens without any cards in the mediator, so I didn't see any use in trying all combinations.

With my original A4000 daughterboard everything works 100% OK (although no PCI cards obviously )

According to this guide see section 4.1.1, exactly the behaviour I have, it's most likely a mediator issue.

You're not the only one other than CMSJ that has had this issue. Unfortunately CMSJ sold his out of frustration. There was another thread recently that described something very similar that I blathered in about. I don't know what the issue is with this run of Mediators but it seems to be a recurring problem. My random guesses based on the issues I had and resolved are:
1) Power Issues (fixed with replacing corroded motherboard power connectors)
2) Some kind of issue with the IDE (two issues, wrong scsi.device and replacing IDE cable)
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