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OK, thanks! Hopefully everything will fit. I also got a nice nylon standoff to keep Indivision and bridgeboard apart. However, I run into another issue. I already reported it to the shop where I bought the mediator and to Elbox. But maybe anyone here can shed some light.

It's a black Mediator 4000Di MKiii 3V

It runs fine after a cold boot (power on).
- Voodoo 3 2000
- ZorRam 128 MB in Zorro slot
- Cyberstorm PPC
Mainboard is recapped and PSU is also refurbished.
All memory is detected fine.
MMCD + update 2.5 and PCI.library 11.0.
I have some nice P96 screen modes setup and the PPC Warp3D "gears" demo runs fine over the Voodoo.
On poweron it shows up fine in the early startup menu, 2 devices for the Mediator, 1 for the ZorRam and 1 for the Cyberstorm PPC

But.... When I reboot (Ctrl - A - A) the Mediator is not recognised anymore.
- Without any cards it reboots fine, but no Mediator is recognised and PCIInfo returns: "Can't open PCI.library"
- With the Voodoo PCI and ZorRam in Zorro slot a reboot results in the same situation as without any cards (Mediator not recognised, "Can't open PCI.library"), if I remember correctly
- With the ZorRam in the Zorro slot and without PCI cards a reboot gives a bootloop with yellow screen (bus issue)
Directly after reboot early startup menu shows only 1 entry: Only the Cyberstorm PPC is shown, the 2 entries for the Mediator are not there and the ZorRam is not there (even when it is in the zorroslot)

I tried all jumper combinations on the Mediator bridgeboard, no difference.
I tried some different slots, not all, but the issue also happens without any cards in the mediator, so I didn't see any use in trying all combinations.

With my original A4000 daughterboard everything works 100% OK (although no PCI cards obviously )

According to this guide see section 4.1.1, exactly the behaviour I have, it's most likely a mediator issue.

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