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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Wow... Why did they even bother with the AGA shit if that was available?

I had no idea Commodore had made graphics cards (apart from the onboard one in the A3000 obviously).
Commodore also released the "Hedley"-Controller (390562) on a card, that hat the same logic as the A2024-Monitor did internally, allowing a 1024×1024 resolution derived from OCS/ECS.
(and a mix of Hedley and Amber should have been in the A3000 to compete with other workstations from that time...)

The problem with the TMS34010 card was of course the same as with any other RTG-Card for Amigas: it was not compatible to the old gfx-modes.

So sure: they just could have stayed with ECS and build in an additional gfx-card ... but that is of course much more expensive.

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