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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
I highly recommend you apply an update patch regardless (even if it's not the most recent), as Paul Burkey's original V1.0 CD release was bugged to the absolute hilt and prone to instability during gameplay (just have a read of the colourful .nfo in DC's CD rip of Foundation!).
Just to emphasise how important the above is once again (if you want to masochistically persist with Foundation, that is). Definitively you will not be able to complete mission 6 or play in a higher res screenmode under AGA without applying one of the 27 update patches released by Paul Burkey (-----> clicky!).

Just for good measure, IIRC one of the later patches compresses everything down to run the whole game off HD using less than 100MB space too (handy for making a more manageable HDF for emulation use perhaps??).

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Just got back home from work... for my own sanity really, thought I'd revisit this after some comments made today...

All done in WinUAE obviously as that's my only Amiga.
I didn't doubt your experience man. Potentially, however, emulation could be the source of the problem, given how buggy Foundation was and the fact that it needed 27 patches to iron out most of them on real hardware. DC were scathing to say the least in the .nfo of their CD rip and crowed that Sadness (sic) should never have released Foundation V1.0 in the form that they did. They were absolutely bang on back then too!

Originally Posted by DamienD
Originally installed update v1.27 but unfortunately this seems to miss sound / music on the intro which is present in v1.12 so I decided to go back to the original CD-ROM files.
This observation also makes me wonder whether emulation is causing problems. Sound should only go missing if chipram is in short supply when running the intro/game. Presumably, chipram wouldn't be a problem under emulation, sooooo.......

The process followed was:

<snipped>[*]Copy "FoundationPrefs" from the mounted CD-ROM to the above folder.[*]Run "FoundationPrefs" and select all options under "Installation": [*]Double-click on "FoundationPrefs", set "PAL: Low Res" and "Save".

As far as I can tell the CD-ROM needs to be there for the original install... Maybe it's different after applying the patches?
Bingo! You tell me, though? If you look in the latest patch archive (or any of the older ones), do you find an updated version of "FoundationPrefs"?! Also, did you run SnoopDOS to give yourself any clue of why HD installation from the original CD might've failed in the first place? Could be a number of possibilities given Foundation's size and file complexity.

Nevertheless, a net search doesn't reveal any great problems with HD installation of Foundation. Nothing in the history of the patches or Paul Burkey's old FAQ suggests otherwise either.

For mine, much better to tackle a CD rip of Foundation: Gold or even Director's Cut and leave the mess of the original incarnation behind. I think you'll save yourself some money in psychiatrist bills too if you do! My 2c, but your mileage may vary. Way past my bedtime mate, so good luck with whatever path you go down and l8rzzzzzzzz!!

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