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Greetings from Illinois, US!

Hi all,

I'm Jadan. I'm using WinUAE to recreate my Amiga from high school for playing and creating games, and also a high-end Amiga for 3D, music, and video work. I've worked through the Green Alien guide, but made some changes that cause my host machine to physically reset without warning, so... the quest for knowledge on WinUAE setup continues.

On my host PC, I'm coding a physically based renderer using Peter Shirley's books and the Graphics Codex, and will eventually work through the book Physically Based Rendering. On the Amiga, I'm learning to model in 3D, and have found I really like the working style of Imagine.

My goal is to make photorealistic surreal art and movies, but also to recreate the computer graphics of the 90s (specifically morphing, stereograms, and 3D) that made its way onto posters sold at the mall, and the cover of stationery. I'd like to learn music at some point, but for now I am happy on the visual side of things.

I am looking forward to connecting with people with similar interests, and just happy to be back in the Amiga scene in general.
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