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Found two interviews with Andreas Axelsson (AXL) (one of the founders of Digital Illusions) in which he also commented on why 'Hardcore' wasn't released:

Once you had done Pinball Dreams done, was it easy to get the other games published?

After Dreams, it was quite easy to get Fantasies and Illusions sold. 21st Century pretty much begged us to do them. Benefactor was harder, although not too hard since Psygnosis recognized some of the success of Lemmings in it. HardCore was moved from Amiga to MegaDrive and then canned with only two known bugs left to fix. Psygnosis shut down their 16 bit development overnight, that absolutely sucked. I still bring out the ROM image sometimes to play it. I believe we could put it out for download, but last time I looked at it the contract with Psygnosis still held us back.

Malfunction was canned, 'cause I got bored with it. It would have been a little like System Shock on the PC if it had been finished. Benefactor was released for Amiga and CD32 and Hardcore was almost finished for Sega Megadrive, but was canned byt the publisher when 16-bit suddenly died overnight.
Additionally I can say that Hardcore would've kicked major ass if it had been released on the Megadrive. It was the best shoot-em up ever on that machine. I'd buy a Megadrive today, solely to play that game if we could get it on a cartridge.
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