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Originally Posted by crazyc View Post
I agree completely although am not really tempted by 3.1.4
I need to update my custom rom files that get blizzard kicked and could be tempted to get a set burned after doing that....or whatever the term is.
Take a look that purpose of 3.1.4 is cleaning up code and fixing errors to get stable and bug free system for future development, so there are lot of changes we are not see. Anyway with new OS we have official large HDD, and MC68060 support in kickstart implemented what is big advantage.
I think this is best possible aproach for start. Maybe Thomas and team should not add new features, to have direct replacement to 3.0/3.1 only and avoid criticism and comparing to 3.9. Anyway I think if we will wait a bit we will have much more advanced OS than 3.9. Just guys need time .
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