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So so, I have stopped my search for play CD track with this game, I must admit that it's a Amiga CD game and not a CD32 game, all the test I done are faulty cause it's not a atapi device (or I wrong !), only CD.device would be possible and it not see the audio track, but Amigajay you said before that AEROK was working on a project to control CD player with pad or keyboard in workbench ? cause it could be cool to start cd music during game , I have tried to play iff music files or wav with hippo player but T-zero hangs and said not enough memory ! and when I test with "CD TOP" for play track, when I launch the game, it start, but after start menu, the screen stay black........
on a French board, "rochobian" have tried with sx32 extension but same problem.

Hi, I have a little problem with my CD32 + SX32Mk2 for CD games with audio tracks Indeed, I can not read them when I play
More particularly with T-Zero, I explain (I'm in OS3.9):
CD32's CD0 device basically uses Commodore's CDFilesystem which is a bit rotten since it does not detect CDDAs inserted at all ..
That's why I used in my startup the utility KillCD0 to destroy the CD0 and I then go back another CD1 CD player: and I can then change CDFS
I tried CacheCDFS, AmiCDFS, AsimCDFS but it does not work ...... ..
Normally, we should have on the WB when inserting a CD with audio track an icon for the CD and an icon for CDDA (as Winuae does), but it does not work ....
Would anyone have an idea or would he have already run T-Zero with audio tracks ???
The console of the game tells me; "CDROM Available - No CD Soundtrack" when I start the game ... ..
Help me ...... it's a shame to play without T-Zero's audio tracks, they are terrible ......
Thank you
may be one day.....

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