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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Well done keito, looks much nicer than my own Workbench.

Why are you running an MMU on UAE? This disables the Jit compiler and is slow. I prefer 68020 + 68882 only. With Jit the emulation is 15-20 times faster.

And why are you using AGA instead of Picasso96/UAE screenmodes? That's damned slow again.

I just wonder that you say that your system runs fast.

I AM using P96/UAE screenmodes, and it IS really fast...

EDIT: You're right though WhichAmiga would normally report P96 if found, will have a look into that, thanks for the tip!

However ther MMU/JIT Compiler issue, THANK YOU! I'm going to look right into that now and try and achieve some more gains/speed from this setup.... it's always a WIP so just trying things here and there and then comparing data/results, but thank you for the tip

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