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Amiga SDKs (Amiga Inc / Tao)

From a quick google search, it seems that around 2000, Amiga Inc released a commercial SDK on CD in 2 versions: one for Windows, one for GNU/Linux.
Later on, other commercial SDKs were also released, I think at the time they were for AmigaDE and Amiga Anywhere (AA), and even a beta for AA2.

I don't see these being sold anymore, so I was wondering if any kind soul is willing to share these?
I know that the 1.0 (at least) required a system id and an unlock code (not sure if 1.5 and later required this as well), but I'd still like to get my hands on these.

Just to clarify: I already have the freely available NDK 3.5, NDK 3.9 and OS4 SDK as well as the Dev CDs 1.2 and 2.1; the ones I'm requesting are NOT these.

Thanks in advance.
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