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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
Aside from the Atari ST, right?
Apart from the ST, exactly.

Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot
LOL! I honestly fail to see your... erm... logic there. But, alas, let's agree to disagree. There's no need to take this further. The worse kind of blindness is the one that springs from the refusal to see.
As far as I can tell, this is your logic: Both use the same CPU and both use custom chips to run games with more than 16 colours, hence they must be similar.

However, that kind of logic is about as relevant as judging architectural similarity based on if a computer was delivered in an all-in-one wedge shape or with a separate keyboard.

Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot
You for real? The WD1772 floppy disk controller, the HD6301 keyboard, mouse and joystick handler, the YM-2149 "PSG" sound chip, MC68901 MFP, the DMA, the GLU, the MMU, the video shifter, etc... All previously available off-the-shelf components of the Atari ST, mate.
Let's compare that to the X68000:
NEC 72065 floppy disk controller, YM2151 FM sound chip, the same MC68901 MFP as in the Atari ST, Hitachi 63450 DMA, YM 3012 DAC, Oki 6258 PCM, Fujitsu 89352 SCSI, Zilog Z85C30 serial, NEC 8255 PIO…

Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot
Technically, you could say that the X68000 has off-the-shelf components, yes, but the GPU was fully custom and - together with the whole smartness of its technical design - made it the powerhouse that it was.
You had it right with the ST until you reached the DMA. DMA, GLUE, MMU, shifter and blitter are not off-the-shelf things. They're designed by Atari and made for Atari. They're just not as ambitious as the Amiga's custom chips. More like customs shits.

But never mind, the question is what hardware is closest to the Amiga. The X68000 is about as close to the Amiga as a Sega Megadrive.
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