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Originally Posted by oissery77 View Post
Hi Jeff,

In fact i was presuming that it will improve speed but i had not tested when i post my message.
I'm talking about this tool based on your HXCFE_Amiga_file_selector:

Now i have tested it: bad news is that it doesn't work anymore. Just before updating the FW, i used it successfully and i have monitored the time to transfer a LHA file from USB to RAM: with FW v3.0.32.3a => 278 Ko in 1m50.

With FW v3.1.20.1a, when i launch the cmd : "hxcfe dir", my LCD displays LBA direct access and then the computer freeze or displays an error message something like "LBA change".

My config : real A500, KS 3.1, 1MB Chip, 6MB fast, CF HDD.
Ok i will check this. Anyway i think that this utility need a serious rework. 1m50 is a way too long . i will probably work on this.
Btw can you check that the file selector is working properly for you ?
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