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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
I found that tile problem while ripping the maps, but I couldn't see any correct tiles in the graphics. I've attached all the tiles the game uses. (The full map is on the HOL entry).

If you can see tiles that would work, it shouldn't be too hard to insert them into the game. It's not quite as simple as it seems, as the game is composed of about 12 submaps, each with it's own set of tiles for that submap. As you walk into a new area, it copies the relevant tiles into the buffer and decodes the map (as it's run-length-encoded).

I guess tile 371 appears to be blank so might be able to be drawn into, and possibly one of the high tile numbers like 511.

Incidentally, I never checked how the game stores the collision/walking state/height of each tile, hopefully that's a separate map and the submaps are literally just indexes to the graphics. If not, it might be a lot more work to fix those 2 tiles!
I'm wondering if the original PASTI image I used as a the basis for making the Amiga version is buggered. Had a few issues using WinUAE with one file (i.e. the map file) getting corrupted, hence why I changed the file arrangements to make the map file smaller and compacted so if there was an error, Propack would pick it up on depack, but obviously not if it was already fucked.

I'm going to find an alternate source for the ST version, and introduce the map file from that and see if it fixes these graphical problems, it can't be anything more than that.
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