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Hi chaps,
Sadly I've had precious little time for 'hanging out' in a while...
...still I've not been wholly inactive:

-The Qube RiscOS Server's website has had a few updates. Maybe those interested in 32bit Acorn stuff would like to have a nose about.

-Classic RiscOS in particular has undergone a major update. Now up to version 2 - beta, of course...
...Um, while IMO it's become a whole lot more spiffy and yet now has a very much reduced system footprint the archive has grown to 150mb! If the kind souls who mirrored v1 would consider mirroring v2 I'd be most grateful.

Yes, Classic RiscOS will now comfortably run on real Arc's without the need for serious upgrades.

Here's some thumbnails:

-Example Boot Screens-

-Example Desktops-

Left to Right - 'Light', 'Standard', and 'Full' versions

Light: For p*ss poor Arc's
Standard: For good Arc's & general use
Full: Emulation or heavily upgraded machines.

Of course Classic RiscOS is for 'classic' Arc's with OS 3.1 ROMs, but it comes packaged with the excellent Arculator (thanks Tom) so it will run right out of the box on a 'doze machine.
A lot of the above is transferable to later machines (3.5+) but you'd need to cherry-pick parts by hand.

Have fun and Happy New Year!
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