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AOTL - just did a search in an acronym dictionary, just some urban slang, i would conclude.

even while ignoring some of you questions, funny they do reply, keeps us informed, if any intresting results .

*magical* fits even better, and yes, it should be interchangeable easily.
but it may happen, one of the installers used a non standard path-name, so SYS: wasn't used and instead
the name of a specific folder/device ( eg: Boot030: ) or something.
maybe you find such an assign in s:user-startup or s:startup-sequence - search for something DF0: alike
(given your example with DF0: was part error message).

i'm not sure about the truck driver. he had plenty of time, to move something [hehe, fits to his profession] -
and much didnt happen - just my point of view.
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