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Best Guesstimation

AOTL. You know, I didn't go into that on my email. Good question. (wish I had a good answer) I suppose it would show in the about link at their site. (Haven't checked) Yes, the first email response confirmed that Aeon was making the boards and Hyperion was supplying the software. (My very first question(s) (1st email) concerned 'blueprints' (LOL) and ownership (stuff), but the first reply avoided both of those questions. lol It'll be interesting to see how they respond this time, as I was more specific. (lol)

Trivial, yes, but I like the word, "magical". I think Amiga os classic was so 'tight', that these things were interchangeable. Actually, if my imagination serves, that original set of files and folders are probably set up to look for their hardware counterpart. When installing P96/µLib, it asks to identify where it's going. So, I'm thinking there is a resolve. Maybe at the code level. With some software rewrite too. (not sure) (still reading baby's AMOS) Just my best guesstimate. IDK. Maybe I tell P96/µLib to install to SYS: ? (I've been feeding it the name of the directory, like DF0: A4000 68060 P96µLib, for example.)

BTW, I think our truck driver could be a good Amiga president. They are usually pretty good people. (if he surrounds himself with appropriate staff) He's probably had an earful from enough parties by now to get a better 'grip' on the situation at hand.

I wish I could order the parts and build it myself. It seems like it's taking long time.

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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