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Originally Posted by Nomad of Norad View Post
What would be interesting is if someone could devise an automatic way to set up a portable WinUAE. Certain other open-source packages, such as Pidgin and Miranda, have a separate version designed to be portable. Look up Portable Pidgin, Portable Miranda, and the like. They're an offshoot of, and built directly on, the same system as the non-portable version, but each have a dedicated webpage supporting the portable version.

I'm guessing they just devised a customized installer that was set up with the notion that you'd be placing the installed package onto a thumbdrive or such, and not need any kind of registry hooks or the like. Indeed, you could install Portable Pidgin or Portable Miranda to a directory on the desktop, run it once to configure it the way you wanted, then burn THAT folder and its contents onto a CD and the next time run it from the CD!
WinUAE doesn't need that. Like smoorke said just create the empty ini-file and everything is independent from your windows installation There is no need for a portable install. Just trust me and StingRay We both have done that many times and it worked like a charm. (even without the ini file )
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