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Originally Posted by mai View Post
It is pure coincidence, that 2 artists of this game are named "Ross" too!?
Nope, this is a clear sign that I've to re-crack it

Originally Posted by Overdoc View Post
Does it need to be a 4 disk version?

Because I remember that I had a 5 disk crack by Skid Row, which had a trainer. And I think I used the trainer to train level 1, but later finished the whole game without trainers, when I discovered there is a save game feature, which I did not know for a long time

I am not sure, but I also think there exists another 5 disks crack by Skid Row without the trainer?!
If needed, I can ADF my version (I think I still have it on disks)
There is only one cracked version available for WotD and is the 5 disks version by SR (actually two versions.. one working and one not).
And two +1 trainer for this version (one by SR and one by Switch).

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
We definitely need a non-messy 4 disk version...
This weekend I should be able to find some time to continue this project
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