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CD32 Swap method

This might sounds funny or like why would you do that but it just came to my mind as I got answer that Tanks Furry CD wont be cd32 bootable cause of trademarks although looking at game reqs it should work fine.
So I thought to myself what if CD would have s:startup-sequence but not embedded I guess it is possible to use the same method that works with Sega Saturn. Simply put the disc with and while logo is spinning swap with one without it
Unfortunately my CD32 isn't working at the moment so I cant try it and before trying the one would have to fix some piece of plastic between reset sensors so you could open the try without reseting the console.

Or maybe someone could write a utility for booting cds without trademark...
Orr.. maybe even it can be done just simple as making RAD and putting simple startup sequence in rad execute cd0:s/startup-sequence... I forgot when you make RAD: and cd32 boots from it after reseting, its not checking any more if tm is on cd, right?

Now when I think again even CDs without startup-sequence could be booted, you can write it in rad whatever is needed to boot game and tweak it for cd32 but in this case it wouldn't be universal... but I could write Tanks Furry Bootcrack CD

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