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Sell me a version of OS4 that will work on a 'standard' PPC box, or even better: x86
Even a ppc-ish console version? - XBox 360?

I'll drop Amithlon in a flash.

-Back on topic-

I agree that AROS would IMO be the best place for a tallented / interested developer to get involved - there is also still much room to get in on the ground floor.
( Who would use a pile of poo like Linux if AROS gets to the point where it's reasonably mature with decent software support? - Dreaming again )

Much as I hate to say it I can't see AOS4 getting anywhere without a stronger hardware base. MOS, though great, seems sadly to be in much the same boat - Pegasos boards being rather more available notwithstanding.

Hmm - controversial opinions. I am sane, honest!
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