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loadwb -debug

I'm sure at least some of you know about this, if instead of the loadwb command at the end of your s:startup-sequence, you change it to the following:
loadwb -debug
Your workbench menus will gain another menu title, with a couple of menu items that may be useful if you know how to use them.

I knew of this back in the day, so to speak, and had only ever seen it with Kickstart 3.0 (v39.29) and Workbench 3.0, as that's what I had on my A1200HD/40. This is under Kickstart 3.1 and Workbench 3.0, but I doubt it's any different:

I was curious as to how far back this feature existed, and so tried it with Kickstart 1.3 (v34.5) and Workbench 1.3.3 (v34.34), and it worked. So I thought I'd go further back in time, all the way back to Kickstart 1.0 and Workbench 1.0, and see if it worked there, and sure enough, it did. However, this was the most interesting find, well, I thought anyway:

It has some items that didn't appear when I tried this under 1.3 or later, as shown below.

I believe all these items are for debug purposes over a serial port (9600bps 8n1), as recently noted in the "Amiga questions you've always been too embarrassed to ask" topic here.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting find that people may not know about...

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