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Excellent work Joe.

@DrBong, a bit like my Wall Street Wizard. I haven't been able to recover the last few sectors on side 1 of the disk I have which is also brand new. As the disk has a physical defect encountered during manufacturing.

Using the Kryoflux I even tried re-reading each of the bad sectors 25 times with no success.

The inner section of the magnetic disk is actually warped and physically damaged. I'm surprised the disk has so many good sectors. Considering the amount of physical damage to the surface (full of long dents - like when you physically flex the surface). The disk cartidge has no sign of any physical damage. You can actually see around the 'hub' part of the magnetic disk it was not molded & lathed cleanly (possibly too much pressure was applied). This would explain the physical dents on the magnetic surface adjacent to it. If only I had a decent high resolution camera to show the level of damage to the surface.

After further inspection of the disk surface, there is also scratches and it appears the very inner part is missing magnetic material. I have not seen this sort of defect on any other disk before.

So your Wall Street Scenario Editor is bad but your Wall Street Wizard English is good. Looks like yours and Joe's will have to be used to complete it. Except we don't know if a Wall Street Scenario & Editor in English was ever released.

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