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Wall Street Wizard: 89'er Szenario & Editor

Hey EAB peeps!

Here's some more MIA Amiga obscurity, probably only for the completists among you. I bring you today the Wall Street Wizard scenario editor in German called Wall Street Wizard: 89'er Szenario & Editor. (new HOL entry)

I'm guessing it only works with the German release of Wall Street Wizard, but if any of you talented multilingual peeps out there want to give it a quick try with the English version (still in the Zone) and report back.....then please do!

The only other thing to mention is that DIC reported a bad checksum on track 1 (using two different floppy drives) when I was making the ADF image from my original release here, so I had to skip it. Doesn't seem to have affected the loading and functionality of the WSW scenario editor, though, from what I can tell. Will investigate the bad checksum further when I get some time, however, and re-upload if I manage to make an image with the original track 1 intact.

In the Zone. Enjoy!

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