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Originally Posted by chocolate_boy View Post
I can confirm this is not the case, I'm also in the UK and have several 30 min videos on my account.
This is kinda sucky considering I'm a freelance cameraman and video editor. I have access to five youtube channels; some commercial and some private; and they all say 'Congratulations, you can now upload videos longer than 15mins', but non of them let me do this. My accounts are all set to 'Director'.

Anyway, thanks Prowler very much - I won't bump this thread up much longer - so it will likely get lost in the heap soon. Shame that, as this topic may still be relavent in years to come.

As for Cloud computing; that was a buzz-word last year so I was keen to ask Dave what he thought about it. As you read, he says it might be slow to catch on, and depends on many factors. I think not least because half of the world is still using slow (sub 2mbps) connections, and the other half don't want to put their stuff online cus most of it is torrents, mp3s and warez. Or maybe thats just me - but imagine trying to edit video online - what a nightmare!
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