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Thats great news! I didnt have time to contact them about this myself, but I know they are always trying to make things possible, so I'm very happy its sorted out. If anything, this project has brought the community back together, so even things like this should hopefully pave the way towards that.

Here's a recent bulletin for you guys,

New Interviews Announced + DICE (Pinball) Perk

Hi all,

We drafted this last night as we wanted to let you know about some great production elements that have occurred in recent days and then woke up to see we had gone over 1,600 backers and are very close to our fourth stretch goal, so thank you so much for that and a big welcome to all the new backers!

Production update

As some of you may already be aware we have decided to now include English subtitles and English Hard of Hearing subs for both digital and physical versions of the film regardless of where we end up. This is testament to how useful the Kickstarter comments and messaging system is. Very good reasoning and suggestions from you and we went off and found a way. The other languages will have to remain where they are in the stretch goals, but if we reach them then the entire disc (including download) will have all those languages throughout.

New Interviewees!

As many of you know we already have locked down a lot of people, but this week we are very pleased to announce many new interviews to be filmed which include RJ Mical, Chris Huelsbeck, Tim Wright and 'Flashback' creator Paul Cuisset, expect more news soon!

Also slightly different from our original film we seem to be almost accidentally causing developer reunions, entire teams are coming back together to be interviewed or share the experience. This will see Team 17, Magnetic Fields, Sensible Software, Bitmap Bros all come back together.

Also only today in fact the four founders from Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, or DICE as they’re also known as, Fredrik Liljegren, Andreas Axelsson, Markus Nyström and Olof Gustafsson came on-board to be interviewed.


PINBALL TRILOGY (signed) The four DICE founders have also very generously donated 3 signed Pinball trilogy game bundles (Amiga versions) to help with our campaign, those games are; Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions, along with 4 specially designed DICE postcards and a high quality glossy Pinball Dreams A2 poster, all items signed by Fredrik, Andreas, Markus and Olof. Please grab one as there are only 3 available!!


Now that also means we can add the DICE postcards to the collection (top row of image below), you can either increase your pledge by £10 (unsigned) or £40 (signed) to receive the DICE Postcards, or of course any of the other developer postcards also shown below, and you can have as many sets as you wish while they're still available!

Thank you for your continued support for our film, especially now we’re pushing for those stretch goals, we want to make that extra content for you along with all the other elements we have listed. And as a side note it would be wonderful during shooting the film this summer to be putting a nice cold lager down on that floppy beermat! We only came up with it because we want one…what does that tell you about the two of us! However if we do end up putting a lager down on it then it means we’re making a lot of content for you which would be wonderful.

And Finally…

We would also love for you to share with us a picture of you and your Amiga setup. We will need pictures for the main film which ideally (if you have any) are taken from back in the day (80’s and 90’s) but also we are just as interested to see any pictures of your current Amiga setup.

We did this with our original film ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ and some ended up in the main film and in addition we love hearing any anecdotes and stories that may be linked to the setup shown in your photo. Martin Edmondson told us once that during making Shadow of the Beast he slowed the disc speed down by gluing a piece of a cornflakes packet to the disc giving them extra write ability to the disc which helped the game development. We love stories like this, we are in that kind of ‘knowledge soaking’ period right now so nothing will be wasted and we’ll read it all…plus we have the feeling we’re going to hear some pretty amazing things.

Please post the images, stories or both to either our Facebook page ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’, or our twitter @frombedrooms, the Kickstarter comments or messages or just email us at Any that we end up using for the film we will need to credit you so please made sure we get that info (even if you email it privately separately) so we can keep track.

We like to support others where we can so please cast your eyes towards the very fine Amiga musician Dave Lowe (composer, Elite II: Frontier, Starglider and many others) who is running a great Kickstarter project to rework some of his fantastic music. Kickstarter is perfect for talent like Dave and allow him to find his audience so please take a moment to check it out here;

Thank you all again, we have only 5 days! left to go so please continue to share our project wherever you can by using this link;

Best wishes and thank you for believing in us!

Ant & Nic

Just 5 more days to go now, and we are just on the very edge of the 70K.


1,640 backers
£68,096 pledged of £80,000 stretch goal
5 days to go!
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