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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Hey this is nice Steve!
As said before count with me, most definitely gonna try to go, so far the date looks good for me, but I'll know better nearing the date itself.

Originally Posted by manic23 View Post
Well done Steve, super job, I'll be there, it's in my diary already
Great stuff guys! I can't wait

Will be nice to see you both again

So far I have the following for display:

A4000 with LCD (Powered by WE040 +CV64/3D, DenebUSB, etc)
A1200 with ACA1232/Indivision AGA MkII + LCD
Micro AmigaOne + LCD running OS4.1
A600 + ACA630/64 + Indivision ECS/A604 + LCD

Projector setup for the compo's


Neo Geo CD (Arcade Sticks & Pads)
Amiga CD32
Victor WonderMega
N64 & Snes + Stack of Games
Japanese Sega Saturn + Multi Tap, etc (great for Bomberman!)
Atari Jaguar
Philips CDI (Anyone fancy some Mad Dog via the Projector? )
PC Engine CoreGrafX + games

I have 2 step downs, heavy duty Maplins type!

I have a nice selection of Fight sticks, etc for Street Fighter II

I also have other systems like Gamecube, Nes, Megadrive II, Master System I can bring depending on what everyone else has.

I will need TV's for the console's as mine are all spoken for by the Amiga's although we can switch around throughout the day.

I also have nice collection of hand held consoles I might bring too.


A500+ with ACA500 & ACA1220 (pre-ordered from Jens direct)

For thine bring kit you will need extension leads, surge protectors, etc.

That's all for now!
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