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Originally Posted by Cymru View Post
Are any more of the Indivision AGA MKII's going to be released for sale?
I will continue selling them when all support tickets are closed. It is looking really good right now: I have closed one long-term ticket this morning - thanks once again to a very patient user from Sweden.

This leaves one open ticket that I hope to be able to close in the next few days - currently waiting for mail to arrive with this customer.

Originally Posted by CFOU! View Post
Just a little question:
Why 'vertical sync' option can 't be actually supported?
It's just not high on the priority list at this point. Vertical sync will break compatibility with *many* monitors and requires lots of explanation - and before I can explain how things work, I need to implement them. V-Sync is even lower on my priority list than Graffiti support (and even that is not very high).

My highest priority is to solve all problems that have been reported with Indivision AGA MK2. I won't open new construction sites (read: no new features) until all users have at least basic functionality from Indivision AGA MK2.

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