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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
That is most likely a software problem on your Amiga:

- eliminate the tool VGAonly from your installation - this will only cause trouble. Sometimes it's in the startup-sequence, sometimes it slipped in the devs:monitors/ directory

- check for any remainders of CGX or Picasso, they might cause trouble

- only use Kick/OS3.1 or higher monitor drivers. Kick/WB3.0 monitor drivers are buggy.
Thank you. I'm using ClassicWB 3.9 and your answer made me disable one thing at a time until I found it. It was the "FBlit FText" component. No more screen blinking when clicking icons =)

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Note that the overscan prefs program does not make a difference between interlace and non-interlace like Indivision does. I have introduced this difference in order to have different screenmodes for "games vs. workbench": While most (not all) games use Hires non-interlace but overscan, you might want to set your WB to interlace, S-Hires and non-overscan in order to closely approach a standard monitor's resolution. That's the whole idea behind my example config that I included in the archive.
Gotcha. Its a bit weird. My workbench is in PAL Interlace. I start overscan and edit. Screen jumps to PAL mode and looks great. At this stage I have to drag the borders and guess where they are going to end up because when I hit Apply it jumps back to PAL Interlace with the borders I've selected. "Nope, two more pixels to the right" - "One more" - "One more" etc. Strange.
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