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v1.1 made vast improvments on my stubborn Samsung Syncmaster 245B.

PAL = Very nice. Black borders but expected.
PAL-Interlace = Perfect
HighGFX 1024x768 = Almost perfect. Screen goes half height for a millisecond when clicking some icons on the desktop which is kind of irritating, and I have not yet found a way to solve that.

I'd much rather use PAL-Interlace in workbench though. If I click TEST in the preferences, the "Default area" lines are 100% perfect on the edges. If I apply that and switch to PAL-Interlace in workbench, the screen is much to big. No problem, only start the overscan and drag it in you say? Yes, but I can only see HighGFX, NTSC, PAL and Xtreme in the "monitor types" list in Overscan. If I select PAL, I can see the non interlace resolutions to the right. If I click on the Edit buttons now, the screen does indeed switch to PAL (as indicated by the indivision on screen picture).

Why cant I use Overscan for the interlace resolutions? I do not remember having this problem ever before? I guess its not even an Indivision problem but something with the OS?

Appreciate any help or ideas on that, as well as if anyone have the "half-screen blinking" using HighGFX when clicking stuff on the workbench.
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