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Originally Posted by menace View Post
By "pixel perfect" I mean that if a game is running at 320x256, I want to output an exact 320x256 image file containing each and every pixel as presented on the original amiga, nothing more, nothing less
Well, if you need explicitly low-res, what about trying on WB 1.3? (at least for the old demos)

It's possible to set WB 1.3 to *REAL* 320x200 / 320x256, even in WinUAE.
No pixel doubling and things like that.
I sometimes do that myself (windowed mode though), having Windows itself set to unusual 640x480 native resolution. But if you want to prevent screen gfx from getting "falsified" by scaling at all costs, there's not many other alternative ways to go.

WinUAE must be set to Normal for that in gfx settings (w/line-doubling off, of course, since you do not want a squeezed screen, do you?!)

However, it will get a fairly difficult task real soon-ish.
Because, if you intend to run formerly disk-based demos from WB, it's not the world's easiest thing to get a WHDload setup running on 1.3 (it can be done, but you need an ancient version; nor can you be sure that each demo will be compatible with the ancient WHDload build).

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