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Had the pleasure of seeing Prince of Persia.

I was reluctant to see it because

a) it got disheartening reviews
b) its a game adaptation, which usually suck ass

Not so this time, the movie is highly entertaining and beautiful to the eye and ear. I love how certain elements of the movie hint towards the game, such as the camera flying everywhere to show the (acrobatic) solution to the problem at hand. A gimmick to please fans I'm sure, and I'm only to happy to be influenced by it!

The plot itself does not try to copy the game, although the basic idea of it is still there. That's a good thing IMO, it makes the movie more entertaining for people who have played and finished the game.

Speaking of acrobatics, there is plenty of that stuff going around to make it true to the game. Add fitting actors for their characters and plenty of humor and I can only conclude it is a great action movie.

IMO of course, your mileage may vary.
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