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Amiga screen mode on PAL TV

I have a rather annoying problem with my A1200.

Some games will when I try to run them off the harddisk go into some strange screenmode (I guess) which makes the display come out completely unreadable (dragged variously out to the right side of the screen, looked a little like my old 14" PC monitor when it tries for 800x600 which it can't).

Some games it does this in is Wings, Fury of the furries and Flashback. At times it works to simply reboot and restart the game. Other times rebooting and starting it from the CLI (Boot with no startup-sequence) will help. If none of those possibilities work changing the number of colors to 4 instead of 8 will usually work (Resolution is kept intact). The strange thing is that sometimes it will work directly through Workbench without any problems and other times it won't.

Can anyone give me an explanation on why it does this? And if possible how to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance
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