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Originally Posted by Amiga-Digital View Post
hi all

here are some pictures of myn amiga's i have alot of it
Boy! That's huge collection, my friend!

I'll show to my wife! Than she never argue with me again when I buy another Amiga or hardware related.


No pictures at moment, but I just have:

1 A1200 with Apollo 040/40 + 32Mb (looking for another SIMM socket to toss more 32Mb), Mediator "v1" + Voodoo & NIC, Dataflier 4000SX hacked to work on 1200, 43Gb IDE HD, 80Gb HD SCSI, IDE DVD-RW, ROM 3.9!, A2000 keyboard. All in a DIY (actually, Did It Myself) tower. My pride and joy.

1 A600 2Mb CHIP (no FAST ATM), 2Gb IDE HD, 3.1 ROM & WB ;

1 Working, mint condition A500 + A501 (battery-fixed), S-video A520, ROM 2.04 (37300) waiting for a SCSI controller add-on (given by a great m8 ).

1 A2000, 6.2 board, 1.3 ROM, without any board (I had to sell the GVP 030 Combo ), and just take out the Supra modem (useless).

Some other spare (3 x A500, 1 x A600) boards, bits and chips.
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