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Thank you, Kin Hell; I already found the Faslane_jumpers.pdf (by the way, I wasn't able to read it properly with RNOPDF on my Amiga; the zooming didn't work?!).
And it seems that my Fastlane is of an older revision and may likely not have the needed upgrade;
although the Rom has been updated (v8.5).
So, isn't it strange that the four new 16 Mb SIMMs I bought for my card do work at all ?!
If I have understood right, my Fastlane board should only recognize a total of 16 Mb Ram; when those four 16 Mb SIMMs have been installed (?!), but the board recognizes 40 Mb total.
I tried various combinations of jumper settings and memory banks used.
How can that be ..?
I do assume that my new memory SIMMs are ok; however, I haven't been able to test them on any other machine.
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