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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Current limit for clock rate is more generated heat (which does not go linear with speed but actually worse iirc) than speed of individual transistors.
I don't see how this could become different in the future.
Hence any advancements needing a different chemistry -- it could potentially generate less heat with the movement of electrons, or even be a photonic instead of electronic system.

Let's say we found a workable tech that could clock to 100Ghz with minimal heat generation, but with the caveat that gate density was nowhere as good as our current silicon designs. It might require a much simpler architecture, losing a lot of the advancements we've made in instruction decoding. Code might have to go to a fully orthagonal RISC instruction set with a very limited set of instructions. Removing other features might cause IPC to go down considerably, but since the damn thing is running at 100Ghz it's still many times faster than what we have today.
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