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Hi hedeon
Yes 90mb is reserved for gfx.
I decreased it to 32 mb and problem solved.
But when it was 90 mb gfx , on build 396 to 398 everything was working.
Now I have no problem with 32mb gfx mem on build 426.

New note: reseted machine and not adding ppc memory again on build 426.
No error.only system is slowing.

Back to build 396 nothing is happening.I am using 3 weeks hours and hours 396.
I must search more.

I am attaching snoopdosPPCbuild396.log and snoopdosPPCbuild426.log.
something is different but I couldnt understand. only on 396 allocating ppc mem but on 426 cant allocate it.

hi grelbfarlk
I am using os3.9 BB4. pci.library 13.8 with harrier 239/f+ragnarok+sonnet 128mb. there is no any alert. only waiting and cant allocating ppc mem to system mem. I am trying to search more.

as seen on build 426, stays everytime on EnStackPatch. I tried it to 1 but not effect.
on build 396, system allocating ppc mem with no problem.

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