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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I'm currently reworking the blues brothers whdload slave to add second button support / joypad controls for pause, etc..

Time for me to revisit this game. Maybe I like it because I used to play it on a good friend PC. At the time, those kind of games were rare on the PC, and despite the frustration the game can provide, we enjoyed the game (and there was no music )

Now my questions & remarks

In the manual, do they explain how to enter shops (up+fire)? because I didn't remember that, I had to watch a video + some review to find out... If you miss the guitar at start I think you're stuck (stupid!)

I've read this excellent review too: which mentions two things I didn't find in the game:

- 2-player game
- sound effects

For me, it's a 1 player game with selectable character, and for the sfx, apart from the excellent music, the sound effects aren't hearable. Is that a bug on fast machines?
Is the game installed as real files ? i don't remember if it is the case or not.
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