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Wow. What amazing watches here. I really enjoy reading the posts, comments and watches shown

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Casio always ruled. I have been using them for all my life and even today they have a wide range of beautiful retro-models. Remember "7 melodies chrono"?
I remember a watch I owned that had several melodies and in fact I would like to know what model and brand it was. It had as example a programmable happy birthday melody that would sing that day, or one for Christmas and much more. I don't think mine was Casio though but I could be wrong

@005AGIMA My parents had a Kienzle clock very similar to the one you show in the photo. In fact it was much better and it had a couple of parts that your image is missing. After they died like four years ago they had said that it had to be sold and the money shared among us, but my brother took it for him and .. that's all .
Edit: I forgot to say that my father also had another Kienzle one that wasn't working and I restored it and also a Junghans one that I also restored and keeped for myself .

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