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I'd rather see something new and not-arcade-like.

Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Disappointing to learn that the Amiga cannot compete with MD lol
Originally Posted by roondar View Post
Well, that's not so strange. The Amiga is three years older than the MD. Just look at systems three years older than the Amiga to see why you really shouldn't expect the older system to win here

To be fair I've always thought the Amiga did a pretty admirable job of staying competitive even though the 16 bit consoles were years newer.
Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
While we all love the ol' miggy, you have to admit that it was way outclassed by the arcades. Look at many of the more ambitious arcade conversions (and some of the less ambitious such as NZS) and you see mostly cut-down graphical assets and washed-out palettes.
Okay, fair enough, people hold arcade games in high regard, but I've been compiling a list so far of my favorite games on the Amiga and only about ~20% have arcade-versions or would work as an arcade game.

Still haven't finished the list yet, but that says to me that on arcade/MAME I'd be missing out on a lot of fun & interesting products only because arcade games are very limited to small number of genres. Same almost goes for consoles.

If I had to choose, I'd rather see a new/original IP on the Amiga rather than a perfected arcade port. But I'm probably in the minority there.
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